Gwalior Development Authority was established and incorporated on 05th October ,1979 with an aim of well planned and balanced development of the Gwalior City. The authority is structured under the town and country planning act ,1973 of MP State Govt. and works under the administration of Urban Development and Environment department of the state Govt. Since inception the organization has consistently been active to fulfil requirements of civic development keeping in view urban beautification and environment betterment. The organisation is rigorously pursuing the goal to provide housing facilities to each and every section of the society as well as establishments for the commercial activities.

The process of urbanization, which is usually perceived by the common man, is “the development of land in an organized and phased manner” but for G.D.A.it has deeper sense of implementing master plan of the city along with fulfilling basic need of shelter on every head. Gwalior Development Authority provides a platform for people to participate in the development of the city. Gwalior Development Authority sells plots and houses in various schemes promoted by it and provides them to the common man at par with the collector guideline set for the different areas of the city. It is generally safe measure to invest in properties in an authorized colony developed by the authority . These colonies are well planned and properly furnished equipped with all the infrastructure required for basic amenities.

The function of the authority is to control and regulate the development of the city. For private developers it is necessary to have prior approval of the G.D.A. to float a plan for any type of institutional, residential or commercial scheme. If the scheme does not meet the requirements of existing provisions of the master plan, it is not accorded approval .For G.D.A. also, it is mandatory to ensure that any scheme promoted by it strictly adheres to the norms set in master plan of the city and with this purpose before floating any scheme ,they are sent to the Town and Country Planning department of the Govt. of M.P. and only after getting approval from the T.& C.P. deptt. they are declared in public.

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